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DnetSmart System
DnetSmart System
DnetSmart System
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Smart Box Advertising Big Data System
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1, remote advertising information release function

     IHOMELIFE In addition to regular set-top boxes to watch live TV, movies, TV shows, games and learning functions

, Can also publish ads remotely, including boot animation, video, picture, text and other types.

 2. Remote push APP function

     The software (including shortcuts) on the desktop can be remotely replaced by the background. Where can the software be pushed on the desktop?

Locations can be set remotely in the background

 3. Click the jump function

     Adding each picture or video material in the background can add corresponding APP or webpage separately. User point

When clicking a picture or a video, you can jump to the corresponding APP or website

 4, data management query function

      Regardless of where the device is used (such as Taipei or New York), users can remotely advertise on these devices

information. At the same time, on the remote publishing platform, you can see where the device under the user name is used and the number of times the software has been run.

/ Time, average boot time, number of startups, number of clicked ads, number of ad impressions (detailed to each

The number of times the report is displayed, such as how many times the first picture is shown)

 5, pure advertising machine function

     In addition to the above-mentioned half-TV application and half-advertisement function, this machine also has the function of pure advertising machine; pure advertising machine is full

Screens are all advertisements. On the premise of full screen, the screen is divided into different blocks to form different full screen styles, that is, templates.

. There are more than ten templates in the background for users to choose independently. What kind of template to choose, what kind of interface will be after booting.